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Sports Tourism Development (Undergraduate Certificate)

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*Courses for this certificate programs are offered both online and on campus. Please check the current course listings for online availability.

In the early 21st century, traditional sun and sea vacations-once the mainstay of the travel and tourism industry-are being replaced by sport-related vacations and a new breed of tourist eager to attend an ever-increasing number of readily accessible sporting events.

Events such as the Olympics, Commonwealth games, Asian Games, and soccer World Cups have enabled specialist travel companies to gain official ticket allocation and then sell them in packages that include flights, hotels, and excursions.

The Sports Tourism Development Certificate is an innovative program that blends the study of sport and tourism. Set in the context of the increasingly international nature of sport participation and sport spectators, the program offers remarkable insight into this growing industry.

As a student in the certificate program, you complete 19 credit hours of course work. You take required classes in tourism planning and development, management of sports events, and sport tourism development; and you complete an industry internship. In addition, you choose electives from such topics as sport in America, sport journalism, visitor behavior, sport marketing, planning and operating sport facilities, and more.

In addition to knowledge and skills directly related to this program of study, you also develop a range of skills that include teamwork, analytical thinking, communication, volunteer work, and service-learning experiences.

This program combines both theory and practice to prepare you for opportunities in the sports tourism industry.

Program Contacts

Website: Sports Tourism Development (Undergraduate Certificate)
Phone: 317.274.0638