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Labor Studies, A.S.

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Labor studies is an interdisciplinary field that deals with work, the workplace, and workers and their organizations. It draws from the fields of history, economics, industrial relations, political science, law, sociology, communication, and philosophy, as well as other disciplines.

The Associate of Science in Labor Studies teaches you skills that you can apply to your day-to-day activities at your workplace, in your union, and in the community. You gain a better understanding of where you and the labor movement fit into the economy, the political arena, and society as a whole.

A degree in labor studies gives you more than just union and work-based education. The curriculum includes writing courses, computer courses, economics, and history.

An Associate of Science in Labor Studies represents a high level of academic accomplishment in critical thinking, reading, and analysis. These skills enable you to learn new jobs, take on new responsibilities and adjust to a changing job market.

Program Contacts

Website: Labor Studies, A.S.
Phone: 317.274.8340