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Human Communication in a Mediated World (Undergraduate Certificate)

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The Certificate in Human Communication in a Mediated World is a response to the growing necessity for humans to learn to interact more effectively in a world where people frequently move in and out of traditional face-to-face and mediated communication situations. Our face-to-face communication is altered because of our mediated experiences, which are now an integral part of our society.

As a student in this program, you complete 18 credit hours of course work. You acquire the ability to understand and apply traditional and mediated communication theories appropriately and effectively in organizational, intercultural, interpersonal, persuasive, and mass media communication contexts.

In addition, you acquire skills to examine, understand, and apply appropriate communication tools, processes, and strategies in computer-mediated environments.

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Website: Human Communication in a Mediated World (Undergraduate Certificate)
Phone: 317.278.3136