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Adult Education, M.S.

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In today's global economy and complex technological society, lifelong learning has taken on a new importance, as adults in the workplace try to keep their skills up to date. As a result, the need for educators adept in working with adult learners has never been so keen.

As a student in the Master of Science in Adult Education program, you study the various ways in which adults learn.

In the core courses, you learn about the history of the adult education field, the contributions of the major adult education theorists, and the theories, models, and research methods used to design and administer adult education programs.

Along the way, you have an ample number of opportunities to learn and use new technologies.

The M.S. in Adult Education program equips you with the instructional and program development skills sought by colleges, corporations, government, the military, and nonprofit organizations. As a graduate, you will be prepared to solve instructional problems, from new skills training to cohesive group functionality.

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Website: Adult Education, M.S.
Phone: 812.856.8455