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Mathematics (Graduate Certificate)

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The Graduate Certificate in Mathematics offers graduate level education in mathematics. The program is for students who want to prepare for admission to graduate studies at another institution, or for holders of a master's degree in a discipline other than mathematics, who teach mathematics classes at the community college level. The program is also open to high school teachers who want to obtain the qualification to teach advanced placement courses.

As a student in the program, you complete 18 credit hours of graduate course work in mathematics. You must take one course from each of the following five areas:

  1. Analysis (MATH-M413, M414, M415, M511, M512, M513, M514)
  2. Algebra (MATH-M403, M404, M501)
  3. Topology/Geometry (MATH-M421, M521, M522)
  4. Applications (MATH-M447, M448)
  5. Probability/Statistics (MATH-M463, M466)

Students who have not taken MATH-M393 (Bridge to Abstract Mathematics), or equivalent, during their undergraduate career will be required to take this course. This course serves as the prerequisite for the analysis, algebra, and topology classes.

Program Contacts

Website: Mathematics (Graduate Certificate)
Phone: 765.973.8300