Tuition, Financial Aid, and Finances

At Indiana University, making education accessible and affordable is important to us.

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Money Management

Although paying for your classes is an important part of your educational success, there’s more to being a student than just tuition and fees. These tools will help you understand and plan for the costs associated with being an online student, develop your financial management skills, and make informed decisions about student borrowing.

Whether you're stressed with your finances right now or just want to get a head start on planning your financial future, MoneySmarts was created to help Indiana University students learn to be smart about finances. From podcasts to calculators to individual online meetings with a student or staff member, MoneySmarts has all the resources you need to be a finance master.

Know what money you have available to cover your costs? Know how much money you’ll need? The college budget balancer will help you evaluate your personal college budget and make a financial success plan. Expenses more than resources? Consider applying for additional aid or looking for ways to cut your costs. Resources more than expenses? Consider reducing your loan amounts or saving money for later.

Student loans can be an important investment in your education and your future. But, they're an investment that has to be paid back. Start taking action while you are still in school. Steps you take now can help minimize your overall debt and maximize your ability to afford your loan repayment.

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